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Welcome Hakan!

Hi Skopje! I am Hakan, from Izmir, Türkiye.

My whole journey started when I participated in the project of AIESEC Izmir, “Myself My World” in 2012 as a fresh high school student. I was fascinated to see that many young people are taking a step forward for volunteering and coming to my city from all around the world. Since that time, I was knowing that someday I will also be like them. I am delighted to have that chance finally here with VCS. It will be more than enough if I can touch a youngster’s life in the same way I was influenced by other volunteers.

Even though I did not professionalize in any of it, I am a huge dance fan, and I danced Salsa, Bachata, Tango, Sirtaki, and Turkish Folk Dances in my high school & university years. As a nice coincidence, I even participated in the International Festival of Folklore in Lloret de Mar, Spain with Skopje Folk Dance 🙂

I graduated from the Marine Engineering department and wanted to take a break for doing something which I cannot do always. I am very excited to learn many things from my valuable team, and hoping to reveal the writer inside of me successfully.

Hakan Yağcı