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Welcome Eren from Turkiye!

If I have to identify myself with one thing it would be probably water. An organism that can be everything.

I am Ismail Eren Demirtekin, I’m coming from Ankara, Turkiye and I’m 22 years old. I feel that I am in the middle of my long life. I am happy because I am meeting and sharing my life with the people that I’ve never met. Life is really short to be sad but it’s really long to be happy. I guess I am at a job that I really like. My mother told me once that if you work in a place that you like you will never work in a hard way and she was right. As always.

I always run for the things that I want in my life and I am actually determined to do that. But I guess I learned what I want in these streets of my life. I just want to be happy and I want to collect stories to tell to my children. Today is my third day in Macedonia but I can feel that I will live a great experience in here.

Eren Demirtekin

Eren is realizing his short-term ESC project in Skopje. He will be a volunteer in VCS for 6 weeks.

Sending organization: EU Activities Center