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Welcome Büşra from Turkiye!

Hi! I’m Büşra and I am 24 years old. I came from Ankara which is capital of Turkiye. I already graduated from university. I am an interior architect. I met VCS at my university’s conference. The team told us what they are doing about volunteering. I remember very well how excited I was. I decided at that moment that I will be a volunteer for their project and be part of the activities.

I love getting to know different cultures. I’ve been to England and Italy before. I completed my internship in Italy as an interior designer. I had never been to Balkans before. Also, it is my first participation in a volunteering project. Two first experiences together make it a perfect match.

I feel like we are a team that completes each other like small pieces of a whole. This experience is a big step for my personal development. I am happy to be here and to be able to share with people from different cultures in every sense and I’m excited to see what my designer side can bring to my team.

Büşra Arslan

Büşra is realizing her short-term ESC project in Skopje. She will be a volunteer in VCS for 6 weeks.

Sending organization: EU Activities Center