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Welcome back, Eren!

It is a pleasure to come once again to this city, which I have experienced before, and to volunteer in VCS again. In my previous project, I stayed here for 6 weeks and now I will stay here for 3 months. I am sure that this city, which I will experience again, will give me good memories.

Talking about myself with words is actually something that is not very easy for me. But if you remember the water metaphor I mentioned before, I changed that metaphor a little bit. I can still introduce myself as water, but I guess just being like water doesn’t fully describe me. Because I guess just having that feature does not cover every aspect of life. You have to have all the elements. Just as we cannot understand the color black without white in life, life should actually include all emotions. I think we must experience all the emotions of life in order to at least say that we are alive. Because I think then we can understand what kind of people we are.

It’s nice to be here again where it feels like home. It is nice to be back in Skopje, the mysterious city where I remember every moment of my life, and to have the chance to improve myself even a little more.

Eren Demirtekin

Sending organization: EU Activities Center (Turkey)