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VOICES November 2019

This month we are investigating the humanity’s relation with Earth in the article “Head in the Stars”. The connection with Mother Earth and her children is huge. How do people behave among each other and how they treat our Mother Earth is really important for the sustainability of our home. We can learn how to treat our Mother Earth from “My actions don’t matter”, “The 2019 Amazon rain forest fires: Cause for concern?” and “Winter is coming… and it’s literally breathtaking”.

We’re speaking about our interpersonal behavior and we are coming to our emotions. Oh, is it the month of emotional intelligence? No! Then do we have some kissing, hugging official day? No, but it doesn’t matter. Do you want to express all your emotions; happiness, sadness, anger? It’s simple – follow the example of Selina with her emotions in “Extremely happy to be happy – from Finland to Macedonia” and Camille with “The power to be useful”. Why people are kissing? It is a way of showing some emotions as well, but there are more information in “Science of kiss”.

Once again we advice you to grab the fresh VOICES and enjoy its wide range of topics and stories!

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