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Welcome Camille, our new volunteer from France!

Здраво !

I’m Camille and I come from Lille, in the North of France. I’m 21 years old and I graduated in 2nd business degree.

I’m not just a businesswoman like I learned to be in France, I am also an older sister, a good friend and a scout chief for 1 year (I’m scout since 2008).

As a person that is curious about the world, I love travelling and discovering new places, new people and new cultures. I am convinced that we can learn a lot from the life and from each other. Discovering the world allows people to open their minds and increase their general knowledge.

I think it’s the best moment for me to take a gap year to learn about myself and to discover the world. And maybe to find what I really want to do as a job. That’s why I am here, as a volunteer in VCS, to be useful and to discover Macedonia (which is not a salad like the French people thinks).

Thanks to this experience, I hope to become more independent and self-assured person, because I am shy. I began this adventure with the team-building weekend in Ljubojno. Thanks to this, I opened myself and I became a part of this wonderful VCS family. I hope it will continue!

Wish me luck…

Camille Labbaye