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VOICES February 2024

Welcome to February!

The name of our second month comes from the Latin word “Februa” and means clean. During this period there were “Februalia” associated with celebrating the beginning of the sacred year, rites of spiritual purification, and penance for transgressions. This definition also concerns the later phase of this month when the winter time is slowly approaching the end and then people start with their preparations for the upcoming springtime.

As we all well know, February can be all about the long-awaited Valentine’s Day. Due to the upcoming feast, some of our articles might touch directly on this important day including showing you more details and certain trivia. Along with Valentine’s Day finally, a leap year will take place, which means that the current February will have a day more than usual, which happens every 4 years.

Leap years were first introduced in 238 BC when Egypt included an extra day every 4 years. Bearing in mind that some important football competitions are supposed to be finished quite soon like the Africa Cup of Nations or Asian Cup, I can assure you to receive some glimpses into the football world from a personal perspective!

Reading our February edition, you can also learn more about valuable tips on how to avoid disinformation on the internet, about storytelling or the gender equality paradox. Enjoy another “Voices” during this changing-all-the-time weather and without any doubt you’ll find something special just for yourself.

Marcel Mańkowski

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