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VOICES February 2022

After January – the month of New Year’s resolutions – it’s time for February, the year’s shortest month. And with it another edition of our magazine!

Probably most of you associate the second month of the year with the holiday of lovers. So how is it with this love? Check topic of the month! You will also find out whether love can be found in your back pocket. Falling in love can lead to a kind of addiction. It would be wonderful if there were only such addictions in the world. But the reality is not so colorful, and you will find out by reading an article about drug trafficking in Latin America.

The following days bring greetings and goodbyes to the volunteers. Jose joined our team straight from Portugal. As with each experience, our time in Macedonia is coming to an end. The three of us have had an extraordinary, eye-opening, and joyful volunteering project in VCS. Our main task was working for this lovely magazine here. Besides VOICES – our well-protected baby – we traveled around the Balkans, made friends, and gratefully dived into the welcoming Balkan culture.

Let’s see where the future might take us – but clearly, our volunteering experience had an impact on our future choices. We will stay involved in the international field and keep standing up for openness. After our time abroad we believe more than ever: The VOICES of young people need to be heard!

Clarissa Leute, Ania Marek, Kacper Król

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