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VOICES April 2021

Ah, Spring!

It finally feels like spring. We hear the birds,f eel the sun warming our faces, start to ditch the scarfs and boots…So much more daylight, so much more energy. Parks become the place to be – nobody wants to stay inside on days like these. Camping starts to sound good after months of not being able to sleep outdoors. We begin thinking about all the lakes there are to explore, all the mountains to hike and how tanned we are going to get this year while concerns about the ‘summer body’ start to kick in. Ah, Spring, time for jumping hormones and allergies.

With the flowers saying a shy ‘hello’ and the animals all going mad with the mating season, it’s almost impossible to not remember the ‘birds and bees’ talk. Yes, the ‘sex talk’. It probably makes sense with all the hormones and happiness on the air. Who hasn’t had that conversation with their parents or at school? Well, as hard as it is to imagine it, there are a lot of people that never had that talk – that crucial and a lot of time underrated talk.

In Macedonia, this is a debated matter. When should sexual education start? What should be taught? How should we approach these subjects? Should culture and religion affect it? Answers differ but the main goal should always be ‘stay informed, healthy (both physically and mentally) and protected’ as SimonaGeorgievska, junior comprehensive sex educator explained to VOICES. Enjoy April’s edition and stay safe!

Rute Cardoso

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