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Transition in Action Youth exchange

Then you have your delicious vegetarian lunch and depending on the day and schedule you spend the second part of the day either finishing your work until late at night or: riding a bike, going to the Danube, to the city of Budapest or to the neighboring farm to see where you get your daily milk and cheese.
In the evenings you have international nights. You present your country with a traditional food, drink, dance. We presented Macedonia in the best possible way. Everyone loved our Ajvar and Rakija.
The last 3 days are festival days. All that you have built is used by the local community for the yearly festival KÖRfeszt where they organize a lot of different workshops where they share experiences and knowledge about permaculture and a lot more than that. There are even “workshops” for children: creating jewelry from wool, learning how to juggle, or listening to a woman reading stories before bed time.

And what is the point of this project? The Transition in Action exchange aimed to pass on key transition ideas in a non-verbal way: being aware of your local resources and using them sustainably was one key idea to get across. This went beyond our evident use and access to useful natural materials to relationship with the local community network that made the actual event possible: the local cooperative solves everything through its mutually beneficial relationships in the community.
We made a massive contribution to the local infrastructure in the village of Kunbábony and what we took home with us was without doubt, an amazing experience and a network of contacts. But most important is the love we’ve grown for all those people we’ve met and the feeling of belonging and being a part of something so incredible.