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Once in a lifetime experience !

At the moment we are working in one school for deaf children, and another two centers (one public and one private) for children with disabilities (autism, Down syndrome, intellectual disability). We are going to stay and work in Bucharest until December. In the following months we will start work in hospitals and centers for elder people, schools and universities where we will promote campaigns for safe driving and campaigns in order to raise the awareness of  blood donation. We have a lot interesting activities to do (transforming some green areas into parks and so on) !

In other side, we are having a lot of fun here. Bucharest as a capital offers so many wonderful things, and nightlife is one of them. There is something for everyone in the capital, from lounge and jazz clubs to Irish pubs and trendy bars. Wherever you go, you will find friendly locals waiting to share a bottle of tuica or share their view’s on the country’s past, present and future. We have visited also Sinaia, Brasov (Transilvania – Drakula castle), the sea-side (beach Vama Veche), so we are never bored.

So far, everything is going well . I am sure it will be even better until the end of this project .

So, don’t waste your time, try an EVS !

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