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Training course PEACE ON YOU-Busteni, Romania

After the accommodation and the intro with the program and the opportunities of the EU commission we jump on effective work. The trainers and the participants, both were very pleased that despite of the diversity of different mentalities and culture the group grew into very homogeneous and highly motivated unit that fulfilled the tasks and presented great results with enthusiasm. Through various activities, workshops and methods every participant realized the importance of recognizing the conflicts and that the creation of the peace starts, first of all, in every single one of us then through families and closer surrounding to global scales. Tolerance, breaking stereotypes and acceptance of others were also the leading mechanisms involved in everyday life as well as platform on which were based the activities. Very creative and interesting was the presentation of our parent organizations and intercultural evenings where everyone could present his country and the main activities of his organization. And, of course, very special presentation of the host Romania through traditional dinner and visit of cities, castles and monuments. The goodbyes to such a group of participants is always difficult but remained the friendships, contacts and the skills acquired through forum theater, video creation and LARP project on the title: Peace on you. My gratitude to the organizers Hair Redivivus association and my Volunteers Centre Skopje for their trust and the opportunity to be a part of such a project. Peace On You! Goran Galabov