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Training course in Czech Republic: “Be prepared”

Eight countries, 30 participants, Erasmus training in the winter fairy tale called Kuti, Czech Republic. Christian Stankovski, Martin Terziski, Petar Nestoroski and Angela Rajcevska were representatives of the Volunteers Center Skopje at the first aid training organized by the partners “Four Links”. “We went into an adventure filled with many uncertainties. Intriguing expectations that took us to a place that resembled a fairy tale. The excellent company and educational training filled us with the incredible 10 days in Kuti”, says Angela. Together with representatives from Croatia, Portugal, Italy, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania and Lithuania, from December 11 to December 22, our volunteers became acquainted with basic first aid techniques. The project has enabled participants to improve their skills in providing first aid and becoming more accountable and more aware of their potential for life saving.
“The training ‘Be prepared’ was a truly amazing experience that enabled me to gain knowledge of providing first aid, which I think will benefit me very much. Also, I am grateful that I had the opportunity to meet many people from different cultures, which contributed the training to be an experience that I will never forget “, said Martin.
After the end of the training, the participants got Youth Pass, and, of course, with friends all over Europe!