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Seminar within the project “Brain Drain, Brain Gain + Circular migration”

In the period 15-19 of January 2018, in Nurnberg, Germany,representatives from VCS attended the seminar within the project “Brain Drain, Brain Gain + Circular migration”, implemented by the strategic partner from Germany, MEMOS. This seminar was the third mobility activity within the project with the same name and the activity connected together 14 youth workers/leaders, from Macedonia, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main theme of the overall project was to initiate discussion about subjects of migration, immigration, emigration and brain drain and brain gain, subjects that are very much important in the SEE region. The project is granted from the German National Agency, authorized for the implementation of the Erasmus Plus Programme, supported by the European Commission.

The seminar had the aim to sum up the gained information through the implementation of the previous two activities, study visit in Macedonia and training course in Bosnia, and to submit position paper regarding the tackled issues. During the five day stay in Nurnberg, the participants, among others, had the opportunity to listen to guest speakers coming from the German agency for employment, the German Chamber of commerce and industry, the department of youth of the City of Nurnberg, teachers associated with the Erasmus Plus Programme and other stakeholders, and as well, to visit youth centers located in Nurnberg and the surrounding. On the last day of the seminar we had the pleasure to attend a conference in the City Hall of the city of Nurnberg, welcomed by the Councilor for youth and family and the local youth council. On the last conference, we had the opportunity to discuss about the further deepening of the cooperation between the two twin cities, Skopje and Nurnberg.

Volunteers Centre Skopje is glad that took active participation in this project and we hope that we will continue our cooperation with the strategic partners from Germany, and as well, that the cooperation between the sister cities, Skopje and Nurnberg, will be more fruitful in the next period.

Gjoko Vukanovski