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Training-Course, Ankara: Digital Youth At Your Best

The project was held from 23rd until 30th of August 2021 in Ankara, Turkey. Four participants from Macedonia participated in the project: Sanja, Angela, Mimi and Veljan.

The other participants were from Romania, Turkey, Italy, Lithuania and Spain. The age range was from 18 to 40 years old. The group in Ankara was very productive, efficient and effective. We have learned a lot from each other, especially how things work in their country and precisely for the topic of this project what kind of digital tools are used in each country. We were introduced to new apps and tools that we can implement in our daily lifestyle whether for editing photos, editing presentations for school or the tools that nowadays teachers are using to give digital lectures to apps that can be used in the workspace in order to fasten and make our work look better. Here are some of the helpful tools that we didn’t know about before the project: Tinychat, Slack, Quizlet, Canva, Padlet and Snappa. The trainer was super positive and made all the tasks look really fun. We played plenty of games which made us feel more comfortable around new people and broke the ice quickly. We were excited to explore Ankara together and to learn more about its culture and local cuisine.

We also designed a game and made an outdoor task of the environmental problems that the planet is facing and what should we do to improve it through the implementation of a digital tool.

Finald words? We highly recommend that everyone should go on an Erasmus + project (at least once), because it changes your mindset, gives you new ideas and turns you into a more open-minded and positive person. So when you come back you are ready to contribute the knowledge that you have learned as well as planning to go the next project.