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“Together to a Better Society!”

A democratic society without a civil sector is almost impossible to exist. Citizens through the non-governmental sector are influencing and they make pressure on the authorities in order to improve the quality of life in a society. Creating a constructive  field for meeting and networking civil society organizations on one hand and familiarizing citizens with civil society organizations on the other hand is a prerequisite for creating a powerful and sustainable civil society that will be credible to pressure the authorities and catalyst of social change.

NGO Fair of the City of Skopje “Together for a Better Society!” It is precisely one of the opportunities where organizations manage to understand their common interests and challenges, which they continue to work on through the mini and plenary forums. The citizens had the opportunity to know the fields of work of the civil society organizations and to get acquainted with the possibilities where they could build their capacities. The NGO Fair was officially opened by the President of the  Council of City of Skopje Ljubica Jancheva and the Director of VCS, Nikola Stankovski.