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VOICES December 2018

We are announcing the month of memories, the return to the year photos, sweet smiles, the challenges and successes of the past 11 pearls that seized the 2018th. The holidays that we celebrate with our loved ones, with people who respect and like us, are a great opportunity to share the successes and challenges that we have faced throughout the year as well as the small adventures we have had in our lives. Each story begins with expressing “Thanksgiving Essentials”, we continue from childhood and express our view on “Shutka Through My Eyes” and “The Smile on a child’s face” opening new opportunities for young people through the active participation on “Annual EPTO Event”. The best opportunity to discuss all of this is “Celebrating Christmas around the World” and about  “Future, Utopia or Dystopia”. December mulled wine with a scent of carnation invites you by the fireplace with Voices in your hands!