You are currently viewing Welcome Mathis, our new volunteer from Germany!

Welcome Mathis, our new volunteer from Germany!

Hi – Zdravo – Hallo, yesterday night I suddenly found myself in Macedonia and am still confused as to where, what, who? On that note, who am I?

I am Mathis, from the small city of Donaueschingen in southern Germany. Earlier this year I graduated from my Bachelor in International Studies and was cast into the void of the outside world, not knowing what to do with my life. However, I have always been interested and involved in writing and layout in some way or another. That’s why I applied to do my EVS with VCS and the Voices magazine, to explore my interest in journalism, improve my writing and layout skills and hopefully contribute in a positive way.

In my free time I enjoy learning (about) languages as much as I enjoy reading, hiking and photography. I am curious to explore Macedonia in all these ways, from learning Macedonian to reading books in the shadow of a tree on one of the mountains around Skopje to taking photographs in the streets and valleys all around.

At the end of this short introduction I am still not sure as to where, what, who or who I am. But I very much look forward to explore all of these questions in the coming nine months.

Mathis Gilsbach