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“Theater Tools For Dramatic Situations”: TC in Romania

This year marked 2 years since we entered a new reality, a new world, a world filled with masks and tests, a world we had to adapt to. However, this didn’t stop a group of over 34 people to get together and do an Erasmus+ project. The training course “Theater Tools for Dramatic Situations”. The project took place from 02.02.2022 to 10.02.2022 in the lovely village of Sarata Monteoru. The project had over 34 participants from 17 different countries including 2 from our sending organization Volunteers Center Skopje. Our hosting organization was FPT Buzau.

The main aim of the project was to professional activity of youth workers in Europe in educating young people and civil society for a better social integration of migrants. Other objectives include educating the participants of raising awareness of the importance of cultural diversity, equal opportunities and anti-hate discourse in developing their capacity for social integration of migrant in the community. Improving the quality and efficiency of work by assimilating for a week a non-formal creative tools based on dramatic art and their application in the next 6 months in identifying solutions to situations of cultural discrimination of migrants. We had 5 introductory-thematic sessions based on the preparation and documentation phase and 6 extended DRAMA workshop divided into 3 sub-forums: forum theater, role-playing and LARP, which we later represented on stage in Buzau.

My first impression, even before the project officially started, overwhelming to say the least. The level of communication by the organizers, both our sending organization VCS (Goran) and hosting organization FPT Buzau ( Tolea ) was exceptional. They took their time to take care that everything went as smoothly as possible. The venue , Casa cu Tei,  met all the expectation too. From great working space to rooms, service , cleanliness, food and staff. The second venue, Hotel Sport B90, was a great host for our final 2 days and the final stage. The activities were led by the experienced Liga Silina, Adam Milevski, Bogdan Chiriacescu and Tolea Postovei. I had the pleasure of working with all of them.

Learning through theater was a new experience and I would say it boosted my confidence, it improved my public speaking and social skills, my knowledge of the English language and the knowledge of social work. I have met a lot of awesome people, people I will keep in touch and people who I will work with in the future too!

Martin Mitev