The Project Rec’ On The Future

We were a  group of more than 20 participants coming from different places of Europe such as Spain, Croatia, Italy, Romania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, France, Macedonia ect. We had 6 tutors and a couple of facilitators which were working really hard to make the experience great for us.

And they did! They did a great job with all the activities, energizers, reflections, quests, challenges, mentor ship and care  for every one of the participants. Everyday we had a full schedule filled with different activities which allowed us to get to know each other better since we were coming from diverse cultures so we had different backgrounds. It was mind opening learning to see from another perspective without judging, learning that a fact is just a personal interpretation.
All these things were helping us to see better through our project’s famous triangle: What is exactly culture, identity and citizenship? Are we born with them or we define them? Finding an answer to these questions led to forming teams which had a similar opinion and idea. After some exhausting days of pitching ideas, elaborating, shooting and editing till morning, we had six excellent documentaries to screen at the oldest cinema in Prizren. Along with the main goal accomplished, I met some of the most wonderful people in my life.
The whole project was a life changing experience for me, a great opportunity to grow in every aspect. I can’t wait till the next Erasmus + challenge!