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Shake it, shake it or just move

Volunteers Centre Skopje has the honour to introduce you to another KA2 project where the team of VCS is one of the leading ones in developing and implementing this project. The team is a group of five young people that with the help of the organization are going to lead the way in the activities and events.

Not an ordinary project about healthy and active lifestyle “Shake a leg, together” will aim to reach as many people as possible in Macedonia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Turkey and Hungary and encourage them to take up any, literary any, sort of physical activity, to inform them about its benefits and to help make it as attractive as possible. As the cherry on the top, the SALT team will aim to reach and will strive to improve and work on the mental and psychological side of exercise and overall wellbeing. It will enable participants to share their realities and to engage people from their communities to be active and start moving. Hopefully we can have the butterfly effect and this will be a start in the participating countries spreading around the world. The project has five activities of in all participating countries with two mobilities for participants and many, many events locally.

Volunteers Centre Skopje would like to encourage everyone to take part in any kind of physical activity and in general just look after themselves. This project will allow plenty of opportunities to join in so we are looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of you.