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Seminar in Sarajevo: “Volunteering connecting communities 2.0”

Volunteers Centre Skopje participated in the final dissemination of the project “VCC – Volunteering connecting communities 2.0” with 4 representatives, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The seminar was organized by the organization “Mladi Volonteri” in the period from 18.02 to 23.02 in which our participants had an opportunity to participate in the ultimate goal of the project, i.e. to present the work they have done locally. All participants had the opportunity to present the activities they have organized as a goal of the project, as well as presenting their organization. The following are personal experiences from some of the participants in the project:

“The seminar “Volunteering 2.0” held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on the 18.02 – 23.02 is one of the better organized seminars I’ve been part of. Before I say anything about the seminar itself, I want to thank the Macedonian team for being so amazing, and making this experience even better. And now, few words about the seminar. Even though it didn’t last long, still it was successful. One of the highlights is the moment we made a survey and we were asking random passers-by on the streets of Sarajevo about volunteering. This way we got interesting answers, maybe even unexpected. Even though we were fully committed to the tasks, we also had enough time to meet the group and to make our bonds and friendships even stronger. My personal experience is very positive, and I think that the other participants are on the same page with me. Big gratitude to the organization “Mladi Volonteri – Visoki” for this experience, and I congratulate them on successfully finished project.” – Sara Levic

“The mobility of youth workers organized by the organization “Mladi Volonteri” from Visoko, I can agree that it was successfully finished. Honorable thanks to the organization that even with finishing all of the activities, they gave us a chance to explore the city and build a friendly working environment. The dynamism of the activities that were our job to be done, and their diversity, made the project even better for all of the participants, letting us enjoy and learn something new.” – David Stoilkovski

“The seven days spent in Sarajevo were filled with various moments, but as a word that most often appears in their description is definitely the noun friendship. From the sleepy mornings until the evenings, spent with loud music, singing and dancing, an atmosphere that was hard not to enjoy was present. The jokes that left smiles on everyone’s face, the infamous great loves and the long hours spent driving on the highways in neighboring countries quickly filled the table of memories. The list of experiences and knowledge was expanded during the working sessions. Listening to the practices of other NGOs and surveying the locals led us to solutions and conclusions that will undoubtedly benefit us in our work in the future. The end of the enjoyments and the beautiful moments came unnoticed, but c’est la vie, for consolation at least the selfies and the jokes remain with me as a reminder of my first visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina.” – Ema Hristovska

David Stoilkovski
Sara Levic
Josip Gegaj
Ema Hristovska