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Next activities in VCS

Dear Volunteers, Next week you will have the opportunity to attend the following activities in Volunteers Centre Skopje: 17.02.2015 – Tuesday – INTERCULTURAL EVENING Country> SLOVAKIA Start> 17:00 Who can participate? – All who want to discover more about Slovakian culture, meet new people, speak English
18.02.2015 – Wednesday – MEETING Topic> VOICES magazine Start> 17:00 Who can participate? – All who want to write, translate and/or design an article on some topic tackling youth issues, culture, education, mobility, sport…
19.02.2015 – Thursday – WORKSHOP Topic> PHOTOGRAPHY Start> 17:00 Who can participate? – Only those who enrolled for the entire course, at the moment all places are full, we will publish as soon as there is any free place. *all activities will take place in our organization on address: Emil Zola 3/2-3, Kisela Voda, Skopje