Workshops in VCS – Spring 2015

Dear volunteers,

We open the season of workshops for this year right now with MOVIE NIGHT at 18: 30h TODAY. A lot will be followed by the beginning of summer.

The program that we have prepared for this cycle is as follows:

Every Thursday, starting on 5th February at 17:00 at VCS office there will be workshops on photography with our EVS volunteer from Italy – Jacopo Landi who is a photographer, and it will be whole course which will last until May, and in May will maintain joint exhibition. To participate in these workshops you need to have a camera (any) and will be fixed formed group that will follow the entire course, and will be able to obtain certification.

Topic: Film + Discussion
During these activities you will enjoy watching movies in relaxed atmosphere, discussing the topic and the events in the film and will write an article for VOICES magazine based on the conclusions of our discussion. These workshops, so-called MOVIE NIGHTS will be held once a month in the apartment of EVS volunteers, for exact location see map on our website. The date and time of every next will be notified at least 3-4 days in advance. If you have a suggestion for your movie feel free to contact us.

Theme: Intercultural learning
Also, these workshops will be held once a month on the site will be informed at least 3-4 days before and every time will be presented another culture. At first you will have opportunity to get acquainted with the Slovak culture with our EVS volunteer – Monika Naglova from Slovakia, and will be held on 17th February at 17: 00h.

Participation is free but with limited number of places, so in order to participate you need to send an e-mail on, which will attribute to the topic of the workshop for which you are applying, also send us your basic information – name, surname, phone number. And of course you can participate on more workshops if you want.

* All activities will take place in ENGLISH

If you have any questions please contact us at and / or phone 02 / 2772-09502 / 2772-095.

See you
Your VCS team