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Natasha : EVS in Arad

Hello! My name is Natasha, and  I am not 19 (just for the record). I am from Macedonia, currently volunteering in Arad, Romania. My project will last for 11 months and I am quite sure this will be a huge opportunity for me to learn new skills and strengthen the ones I have. This project enabled me to learn and improve a few languages, thanks to my Italian and Spanish flatmates, also the  kids and the people I met in Romania.

My project is called OLE (Outdoor leisure education) and my obligation is to help the obesity kids by doing physical activities, improving their eating habits and encourage them to lead a healthy life. I am also having the opportunity to work with other volunteers on different projects and events. So far everything has been great, and I am pretty sure I will miss Arad and all the great people and friends I met here.