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My volunteering experience in Arad

Here we’ve also met many other volunteers from around the World that work on different projects what makes our stay even more exciting. Now let me tell you about our project – OLE. OLE or Outdoor Leisure Education is a project that involves the children with obesity. Our goal is to show these children how to lead healthy life and be physically active. As in any other country in the World the children in Romania are also the biggest costumers of fast food stores and the problem became so big that the authorities couldn’t solve it by themselves.

In the next 10 months 9 volunteers from Macedonia, Spain and Portugal will give their best to promote healthy eating habits and physically activity as a way of life among youngsters mainly through outdoor activities such as horseback riding, bicycling, hiking and organizing sport tournaments. I am really optimistic about the project and I promise I will keep in touch with any updates about it. Till then, stay well and do something good for the mankind.