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Monika: EVS in UK

Paul, Martha short EVS volunteers who spent two months in Skopje at short term EVS in Volunteers Centre Skopje and Monika who will spend 2 months as short term EVS in United Kingdom. Imaginative, traditional, surprising, graceful  architecture and elegant  gardens, and the most modern fashion are words that describe United Kingdom. From always I want to visit England, to feel their spirit, British landscape which inspired the world’s greatest writers. The big wish to go in England come true, thanks to Volunteer Centre Skopje, which gave me that opportunity to be a volunteer and to experience a new life style. Firstly I want to go in UK as a volunteer because is a great challenge for me, the projects need to face with teenage problems, so I will learn how to found out in different situations and to become more independent and confident. Meet the people, experience the culture in new country for me is an change that will give me new sense of purpose, to work helping other people, to put all my energy, personal quantities and skills. This volunteering can be fulfill my dreams career, and totally different from my every day life. I will have more inspiration to write about the volunteering and going to UK when I have face all challenging and enrich my live, I can share my experience with you. So you can shoulder your pack, head to some country and have a great time.