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2 in 1: Moments from Days of Social Campaigns

On Saturday 28 April took place in City Park in Skopje two last activities of local project “Bridging Divided Communities by Youth Work”. First activity “GIVING IT UP” was an humanitarian action dedicated to the childen from street treated in the “Educative Entertaining Daily Children’s Centre for children from street” – Shuto Orizari. During which we were collecting clothes, toys or food for children who are coming to this Daily Children’s Centre.  And the second activity was competition in fast eating of healthy food which closed the campaign “FEED YOUR BRAIN INSTEAD OF YOUR BODY which started on  17 April by movie evening in MKC and continued by lecture about nutrition on 20 April in office of Volunteers Centre Skopje. Thank you all of you for coming and support. Collecting humanitarian aid For more picture please check out Facebook of Volunteers Centre Skopje.