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Vasko: EVS in UK

I first heard about EVS during a training course in Macedonia some 2-3 years ago. When the session about the YiA Programme ended, outside, during the coffee break, a friend of mine I had just met asked me, “What do you think about going EVS?” At that time, I had just a vague idea about what exactly EVS is, so I answered, “Maybe I will, but not yet.”  I’ve learned a lot about EVS since then, almost everything, except one thing – to try it in practice. As time passed, I was thinking about it, sometimes saying, “yes, I’m going,” and the next day shifting to “OK, maybe not yet.” And then, this offer to go EVS in the United Kingdom unexpectedly appeared. An offer which perfectly combined my studies (English language and literature), my longing to see Britain and feel the British culture, and my active participation in the YiA Programme. I’ve always had the impression that Britain, when it comes to the implementation of the YiA Programme, like in many other segments of European trends, is a bit different and segregated, so I’m really interested to discover how the Brits work on these things. Expectations? A friend of mine from Romania, while trying to persuade me to go EVS in Romania, once said to me that EVS is the best thing ever invented. Maybe that would be too big an expectation, but let’s see what will happen.