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Meet Marie, our new volunteer from Germany


I’m Marie. I was born in Cologne, Germany, where I was raised most of my childhood and youth. While VCS and Macedonia isn’t my first long term stay abroad it is for sure the most exciting one. When I was 15, I had the opportunity to stay at a Boarding school close to London but other than that, my international experiences are reduced to holidays and backpacking trips, namely to Iceland (where we slept in a van for 2 weeks straight, definitely the most cost efficient option), then Central Europe or Morocco by train, bus or Car Pooling with the most lovely people.

In my free time, I spend most of my time with friends and family usually at Cafés, at the lake or having movie nights and days. I studied Japanese for a very short term last winter as I have got a soft spot for Japanese and Korean movies and series even though I’m probably a bit more invested in books of any kind at the moment.

I am excited to explore Macedonia in every aspect, particularly the culture, language and food. The last few days I’ve already had the chance to meet the most warm and welcoming people, no one ever shied away to offer help – even unprovoked – or missed a chance to say hey. I am certain that this will not only sweeten my time here but that – while I am trying to reciprocate this kindness – it is the foundation to create meaningful bonds for anyone coming here. Other than that, beautiful scenery!

Marie Kiel