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Meet Jules from France!

Yes, I know “another French in the VCS family, when is it going to stop?”. Never I guess. 🙂

Hello everyone my name is Jules, I’m 22 years old and I will be helping here, at VCS, for the next 3 months through the “VET” program. My field of work is filmmaking, so I will be recording videos for the organization’s social media. I will also be an intern at the national TV Alpha to gain even more experience.

I studied video editing for two years, which helped me gain practice and get to know the professional world.

I am very excited to start my internship here in Skopje to learn how people make video content in Macedonia. This is a great opportunity for me, firstly because I can travel and discover a new country, and secondly because I am a volunteer, which is a really interesting and unique experience for me.

I also like to walk and take pictures of birds and landscapes. I feel really relaxed and wandering around in nature, taking time to appreciate the surroundings is always a pleasure.

Overall I am thrilled to begin that journey in Macedonia and discover a new culture, language, and people. Live the life of a Skopjanec, and enjoy the moments I will spend with my fellow volunteers.

Jules Georget


Sending organization: Cercle de Qualité