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Looking for volunteer from FINLAND!

We are looking for a ESC volunteer to our VCS family team! Project duration is 12 months, starting from September. European Solidarity Corps provides free accommodation, food, insurance and pocket money and language courses. You will live in the heart of Skopje with other volunteers and VCS team!

Project description:

VOICES, DAILY CENTERS FOR CHILDREN FROM THE STREETS, PROMOTING VOLUNTEERISM, PERSONAL PROJECT are the key words of your ESC project. Being part of VOICES magazine includes making research on the topics, writing articles, making interviews, coordinating translators, making design of the magazine, taking part in promotion activities. As an ESC volunteer you will be also involved in activities focused on raising awareness among young people in Skopje and Macedonia about Youth in Action Programme in general and ESC program particularly. You will help with projects and office work, organize local events like language cafes, karaokes, board game and movie nights and use social media as a tool for more visibility. You will also have a chance to do workshops with children in daily center for children from the street in Shutka, in Lastovica, elementary school for children with special needs in Zlaten Sremec. You will participate and organize workshops for high school students in Vasil Antevski Drem and Rade Jovchevski Korchagin schools.

There is also open space for developing your own ideas in concrete activities. You are more than welcome to organize workshops, events targeting young people in Skopje. Just to give you inspiration in previous years the ESC volunteers for example organized music workshops, dance and theater workshops, language classes, photography workshop, workshops about creative recycling and much more. Moreover we would like also to support intercultural learning and motivate young people in Skopje to discover more about your culture, we would like to organize intercultural evenings during which you can show interesting movies, teach dances, share music. We would like to ask if you can brainstorm ideas for these intercultural evenings and share them with us!

APPLY by sending us your CV and motivation letter in English to