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Welcome Dina – our new volunteer from Belgium!

Hello from Dina, from the organization ASF from Belgium. I am 18 years old. I came together with my friend Emma to Skopje, whom I met on a meeting 3 weeks ago, to work as a volunteer in the capital of Macedonia. The organization in Skopje is VCS. I will go to the Daily Center for street children in Shutka.

I am a kind of person who wants to learn a lot and wants to meet new people. I can also improve my English here as I never spoke actively in English before coming here.

In this project,you can also learn how to communicate openly and be independent. Your language skills ​​are getting better. You get to know different cultures and learn how to respect them.

I have searched a number of places in Macedonia on the internet and there are many places to visit. I would like to visit these places. Strolling through the old bazaar, Stone Bridge over the Vardar River, Skopje Zoo, the fortress Kale, Millennium Cross, Matka Canyon, the trendy Bohemian neighborhood and the Macedonia Square.

The people from the VCS organization are friendly and really help you. They respect you and if you are not so good at languages, they help you with translation sites, drawings and gestures. They make me feel comfortable here.

If you are an adventure person and you know what it is like to live independently, then this is for you or simply you will learn it throughout this project.

Dina Cox