Jana Oltovska

Challenge 1
Interview with 5 close people about active citizenship

1. Do you regularly vote?

Yes (male, 45)
Yes (female, 43)
Yes (female, 69)
Yes (male, 23)
Yes (male, 47)

2. Do you regularly complain about the Government?

Yes (male, 45)
Yes (female, 43)
Yes (female, 69)
Yes (male, 23)
No (male, 47)

3. Do you pay taxes?

Yes (male, 45)
Yes (female, 43)
Yes (female, 69)
Yes (male, 23)
No (male, 47)

4. Do you recycle?

Yes, but not as much as i’d like to (male, 45)
Yes (female, 43)
Yes (female, 69)
No (male, 23)
No (male, 47)

5. Do you donate blood?

No (male, 45)
No, but I salute them (female, 43)
No (female, 69)
Yes (male, 23)Yes (male, 47)

6. Have you ever volunteered in the community or for a cause?

Yes (male, 45)
Yes (female, 43)
Yes (female, 69)
Yes (male, 23)
Yes (male, 47)

7. Have you participated in a demonstration?

Yes (male, 45)
No (female, 43)
Yes (female, 69)
Yes (male, 23)
Yes (male, 47)

8. Do you consider yourself as an active citizen?

Yes, but there can always be improvement (male, 45)
Yes (female, 43)
Yes (female, 69)
Yes (male, 23)
Yes (male, 47)


How did your interviews go?
– They were great.

Do you find that most people understand what it means to be an active citizen?
– Yes everyone was already educated on the subject.

Did some answers surprise you? Why?– No

Were there some interesting quotes from your interviewees that you would like to share? – No

Challenge 2
Find yourself in the TED videos

“I chose two videos because I think that both of them fit my idea and have great explanations about autism.”

1. What do you like about this video?

I really like the way both of the girls explained autism and the fact that they both were saying things that many people don’t know. I also liked that debunked a lot of theories about autism.

2. Did you get some ideas for your project?

Yes. I got a lot of information for my project from these two videos and a lot of others.

Challenge 3
Introspective: Your good characteristics

What are some personal qualities, characteristics, virtues that you have?

Ambitious, approachable, calm, competitive, enthusiastic, energetic, focused, friendly, loyal, optimistic, open-minded, meticulous, patient…

How do you think you can use some of these characteristics to your advantage while working on your project?

I think all of these qualities are going to help me with my project. Since i am working with autistic people e need to be friendly and patient so they can trust me. The other characteristics are helpful because i am driven to finish the project to the fullest and hopefully help someone with it. I can take constructive criticism well and i pay attention to the big picture as well as the details which is important for my project.

Challenge 4 
Make a search plan and vision

SMART objectives:

S (specific) Create a way to involve kids and people with autism in scouting (PECS method)
M (measurable) 1-2 weeks for creating the overall look
A (achievable) I would be able to finish it with the right help and the right people
R (relevant) Raising awareness about kids with autism, showing that they can do the same things as we do.
T (time-bound) September 2020 or earlier (depends on the virus)

PESTLE analysis:

P (political) Government interference
E (economic) Travel expenses, promotions, help
S (social) spreading the message, finding more people to join, targeting the target group
T (technological) Phone, lap top or tablet
L (legal)
E (environmental) How society contributes

SWOT analysis

S(strengths) connections, knowledge about the main idea
W(weaknesses) touchy subject, little information, scared parents, people not knowing what is autism.
O(opportunities) including more autistic people in scouting, making a cheap way of learning the main scout skills.
T(threats) the virus, people not trusting in the project, no interest from the target group

Campaign strategy plan

1. Campaign insight and targeting.
Who am i trying to reach and influence?

2. Key campaign messages and offers.
How am i trying to position my project, product and services?

3. Campaign media plan and budget.
Which media channels will i use to reach and influence my target audience? What will be the sequence and integration of media activities?

4. Campaign asset production.
Managing the assets to form the campaign

Strategy plan
Brain storming- meeting with the scout association of Macedonia- finding people to help with the project- promoting the project to the target group as well as other scout groups- drawing the pictures ( PECS method) (finishing it)- showing the manual to the target group in a fun and interactive way.

Action plan
My plan is to include children with autism in scouting. With the manual hopefully the children with autism will want to join the scout world. I will make a manual with pictures using the PECS method( a method used in schools) in which the pictures will show many scout activities making the learning of the skills easier and more accomplishable. I will need to create pictures for the manual.

Challenge 5
Research the SCARF model

Reward –  Threat
Risk reduction – Lack of transparency
See the results – Getting over my head
Learning – Uncertainty

Challenge 6
Burning bowl ceremony

I would like to leave the discrimination of the autistic people and the way that nothing is “made” for them in the world, i would leave the impossibility of them joining different activities such as learning a different language, or joining the scouts. 

Challenge 7
Find or create your spiritual master

I haven’t really found my spiritual master but i would say that my mom and dad are pretty close to being by spiritual masters. They have thought me so many things that inspired me to do this kind of project. They thought me how to love every one no matter the way the look, speak… I am so grateful for their influence in my life. Also close in my list of spiritual masters is Malala Yousafzai . I would say that she is one of my spiritual masters because of her confidence and bravery. She is an activist for the right to education which i think is very important.

I would like to have the wisdom of my mom, the positivity of my dad, the bravery of Malala, the kindness of my brother.