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Hallo Macedonia! The Belgian team arrived

As every summer comes, we are happy to host another group of volunteers from Belgium! Eniola, Ibrahim, Ranco and Bilal came to Macedonia to realize their 3-weeks volunteering project in VCS. Each with different skills, motivations, passions, they are a colorful addition to our team of volunteers. Let’s hear a few words from them.

Hey, it’s Eniola here! I’m a 20-year-old Belgian girl that is very excited to help here in Macedonia. Why Macedonia? Well, I was able to choose between a couple of other countries, but my goal was to just choose one and see what it will bring. Sometimes I like to use the sentence “everything happens for a reason” cause it does.

I don’t really have active hobbies, but speaking is one of my stronger powers. I would like to be on people’s radios, phones and tv screens one day. Not because I want all the attention and fame. No, as a matter of fact I don’t even like too much attention. It makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes and it can also attract a lot of envy, and that’s what I don’t like it.

The reason why I want to be on people’s screen, is because I like helping people grow and become the best version of themselves. Life is a test so I’m here to help people pass that test. I hope the world will be more at peace one day, by doing this. That’s my main goal in this lifetime!

Now it’s your turn to do that too, but make sure that you enjoy and also learn out of this experience. Have fun!

Eniola Aertgeerts

Hello, I’m Ibrahim and it’s my first time on a project like this. I’m very excited about what this opportunity will bring me. I’m happy that Kras Jeugdwerk and VCS gave me the opportunity to do my volunteering project in another country and also to experience youth work here in Macedonia.

The first time I walked around in the city I remember that I said: “It just looks here like Morocco from the street to the stairs”. I just felt like I was in Morocco, which is a good thing because I go to Morocco to relax and take time for myself.

I’m 3 years active in youth work in Belgium, so I’d like to see how the youth work is here with Roma children. I want to capture the similarities and the differences with youth work between Belgium and Macedonia. The youth work in Belgium is really wide but I mostly did activities with the children like for example going to an amusement park and playing sport games.

Macedonia is a really beautiful country and is in the heart of the Balkans. Everything is in a span of 3 hours so while you are in Macedonia you can also experience other countries.

Ibrahim Bouzambou

Hello, I’m Bilal and I’m 20 years old. I live in Mechelen, the most beautiful city in Belgium. I’m still studying and I’m following the Youth and Disabled care course. In my spare time I do kickboxing, I sleep and I’m happy to have a chat.

The reason why I volunteer here in Macedonia is because it was already a country on my bucket list to visit. When AFS/Tumult came up with the opportunity to volunteer I just had to seize this opportunity to visit a beautiful country and to discover the culture and lifestyle of the people here.

When I just arrived it was quite warm, but the nature here is beautiful and green, and the mountains here are huge! One of them is the Vodno mountain which has a cross on top. My goal is to be able to touch it and enjoy the view from Mount Vodno.

I would like to try different foods from Macedonian cuisine because I’m a big boy and a big eater. I’m a social person so I like to spend time with a lot of friends, music and fun, of course.

Bilal S’Rifi

Hello people of Macedonia! My name is Ranco and I’m from Belgium. I study IT (programming). I want to learn the way people live and their culture around the world. VCS gave me the opportunity to come here to Macedonia. I really like to meet and talk to people from around the world to get different insights about life and other things. I was surprised how friendly and open the people are in Macedonia. That’s what drives me to learn about people and their cultures and way of living.

The time I’ll spend here in Macedonia will be a lifetime memory so thank you to VCS and the Macedonian people.

I just got my certificate of City Coach and I can give sport lessons/activities to children between 6-16. Being here in Macedonia and volunteering will boost my experience.

In my free time, I like to play football and do sports in general. My dream is to visit as many countries as I can.

Ranco Berghmans

Sending organisation: Tumult