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Call for a youth exchange in Macedonia!

Volunteers Centre Skopje is looking for participants (18-30 years old) from Macedonia who want to participate in the youth exchange “HMB Soft and HEMA as a tool for battling youth inactivity” in Macedonia.

Place: Ljubojno, Macedonia
Date: 26.07 – 3.08.2023

About the project:
The project allows young people to develop new skills and learn about their own heritage through HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) and HMB Soft (Historical Medieval Battle). HMB Soft is a martial art for young athletes who use safe (soft) equipment: a sword, a shield and, of course, armor. Youth can be engaged in fencing with a shield and a sword according to the developed methods from young age. The youth exchange will provide the opportunity to the participants to enhance and develop competencies and skills such as strategizing, teamwork, problem solving skills and creative way of thinking. Because of the special location of the project, in rural area with a neighboring Prespa lake, the participants will have the opportunity to harmonize with the nature, through many physical and outdoor activities.

More information: Info-pack

Project partner: Young Explorers for New Skills (France), Beli Orlovi – White Eagles (Serbia), Manufactura Historica (Croatia)

Technical Details:
The project is funded by Erasmus+, so all travel costs will be reimbursed according to Erasmus+ regulations. Accommodation and food will be provided.

How to apply?

  1. Fill in the application form in English —> Application form
  2. Attach your CV in English in the application form.

Application deadline: 16.07.2023

 The applicants will be informed after the deadline when the selection of the participants is final.