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Hello, my name is Robin and I come from France from a city called Lille. Actually I’m born few kilometers from Lille in the city of Roubaix, no particular interest for you to know this except that this city of Roubaix and Skopje are twins city! So probably it is not some kind of coincidence that whereas I never heard about Macedonia since the separation of Yugoslavia (maybe because my knowledge in geography is mediocre but it is also maybe not helping to see when you look on a map “FYROM” instead of Macedonia… thank you Greece!), I replaced one French volunteer who canceled is project here, in my twin city… So after spending 2 great months here in EVS where we were working with 14 others volunteers on a performance for a theater festival in Skopje, also working with Roma children in daily center, but particularly learning and enjoying Balkan culture, I decided to come here  again but for 10 months this time. I hope to discover more deeply Balkan, to learn a new language and to realize some interesting activities with kids from daily center. I also met one “Makedonia devojce” during my first stay here, and after spending some holiday here to visit her, she had opportunity to come in Marseille in France through EVS project where we enjoyed during 9 months the sun and the atmosphere of this not particular city of France.