EmPower Training Program – Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation

What is important for the candidate that the overall program will include a number of thematic sessions such as:
– Training of Trainers for Intercultural Education,
– Intercultural communication, pedagogical approaches,
– Acquaintance with the political situation in Switzerland and visit important institutions and organizations
– Rights of the Child
– Creative conflict resolution
– Internship in Swiss organization
– Education for Democracy
– Active citizenship,
– Birth, childhood and culture
– Cooperation for International Development
– Project management,
– Religion-intercultural education
– Teaching methods,
– Marketing, etc..

Conditions which must meet the applicant:
• Age from 22 to 28 years
• Fluent in English (communication, writing)
• Diploma / Certificate of Education
• interest in the field of social and intercultural dialogue
• Possessing the ability to live and work with people from different cultures, be prepared to critically thinking about their culture
• Consent for adherence to the prescribed code of conduct

Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation covers the cost of training, accommodation, food, health and travel insurance in Switzerland, money for daily expenses, transportation costs – and coming back to the country during the summer vacation.

Interested candidates need to fill out the application together with the accompanying documents referred to in the application (CV, copy of passport or identity card, photo, degree of secondary education, and recommendations – if any) and send by email to sega@sega.org.mk or by fax: 048 429 390, no later than June 15, 2012, to 13 hours. Those candidates who are tentatively selected by SEGA will be invited for interview at the beginning of July 2012, by the representative of Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation.

If you need additional information, please feel free to contact us:sega@sega.org.mk.