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EVS in VCS: Pablo

Hello, my name is Pablo and I am EVS volunteer. I come from Bilbao a very nice town in the north of Spain, now I´m living Skopje, Macedonia, because I came here to make a very nice project. In this project I´m going to write in a magazine about important things we choose, but that’s not all. Working in this project I´m going to learn about Macedonian life and customs, we can meet people over the world and we can learn a lot of languages if you speak with all the people. But for me is more important than all that, that´s because in here I don´t want only то make those things. I want to improve myself and change my Spanish customs. There, in Bilbao I’ve got my live done and is always the same, that makes me to be too lazy to do a lot of things and this must finish here. I expect I can have very nice time here and learn a lot. If I get to be more responsible I will achieve one of the most important objectives for me.