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EVS in VCS: Sarah

Bonjour! My name is Sarah. I come from France. It is the first time I come in the balkans. I chose this place to do my EVS because I thought that the life here is different that the life we have in France. If you travel, it is to learn no ? Before arriving, I was imagining a coloured country. I imagined, that, when you closed your eyes you could hear a sound of music comming from somewhere. I am very interrested in traditionnal folklore. In my town, Besançon, I participated to the creation of a group of Turkish folklore and we performed several times these two last years.
My project here, on top of the journalistic activities of Volunteers Center Skopje, is to build a group of musicians and dancers and perform in the town. This performance would also include the childrens of the daily center. Well, by reading this little presentation, if you play music, if you dance, if you are interrested in this project, do not hesitate, we can work together!