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Call for Training Course in Albania!

Volunteers Centre Skopje is looking for 1 participant (18-35 years old) from Macedonia who wants to participate in the Training Course “Volunteering connecting communities” in Durres, Albania.

Place: Durres, Albania
Date: 02.10-11.10.2020

!! There might be possible changes regarding the project dates depending on the current situation with COVID-19

The training course aims to support the professional development of youth workers and youth leaders who work in inclusion on their critical understanding of volunteerism and active youth participation for being active citizens in each local community. It explores and makes participants experience its potential by enabling them to recognize and integrate structured volunteerism and other forms of youth participation in their youth work. The training will improve the competencies of youth workers about how to work with structured volunteerism technique and its elements. Beside this, training will offer information for opportunities and programmes offered by EC and other donor in order to empower young people to take action in every day work. As a result of the course, a PDF module will be produced to be used as a resource material in local volunteer structures created during the project. The module will describe the concept of “structured volunteerism technique”, how to develop it and how to work with it in daily bases.

More information: INFOPACK

Technical Details:
The project is funded by ERASMUS+, so all travel costs (up to 180 euros) will be reimbursed according to ERASMUS+ regulations. Accommodation and food will be provided.

How to apply?
1. Send an e-mail to
2. Write the project title in the subject line (eg. Application for “Environment matters”)
3. Present yourself shortly and point out which project you are interested
4. Attach your CV in English
5. Attach motivation letter in English, answering at least to the following questions:
Who are you?
How old are you?
Why do you want to participate?
How do you want to contribute to the project?