The participants were from different countries: Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Cyprus and Portugal. With this variety of cultures we had wonderful opportunity to share and to present our Youth work and many cultural habits and customs and to learn about others Youth work and cultures. As a part of the Training Course the participants made Associations fair where everybody had a chance to present their Organization, the results of their realized projects and their current work. On this fair we saw different works, project and many useful tools for engaging Youth to become active and to take part in different fields of working.  
The second task for the participants was making an Intercultural evening in order to present to the others their traditions, traditional food, drinks, music and dances. I must say that we had great party during this evening. I’ sure that other participants will agree with me that we will never forget the authentic things from every country such as: Darko’s grand mother salad recipe from Serbia, Katya’s balcony planted tomatoes from Slovenia, Bulgarian sweets with children on its package, Macedonian Skopsko and Rakija, Cyprian locumades, Portuguese traditional drink and wonderful music, Mario and Giorgio’s pasta from Italy, German’s positive energy  and in the end as cherry on the top the Bosnian Chevapi and different kinds of pie.

After the getting to know part, comes working part. The participants were separated in three groups and started to work in three different workshops: Comics, Video and Music workshop. Working in the workshops was very easy because the participants already know each other so the results were rich and amazing. I took part in the Music workshop as vocal of ethno songs and I think that we did so much for less time. We only had 4 days to prepare some repertoire of songs and the repertoire of “Workshopers”; the name of our band consisted 8 songs with various thematic. The songs were from different kind: Macedonian ethno theme (Makedonsko devojche and Raspukala Shar Planina), Portuguese – African song (Cabo Verde To’ Martins); Romanian gipsy song (Gjingji Rjingji Bubamaro); Gjurdjevdan (Serbian); Chunga’s Revenge, Jungle Boogie, Park etc. The most amazing thing was that for short time we manage to prepare so many songs. Working hard and together, even we were from different countries and we met for the first time in Banja Luka, the same aims and goals that we have gave as this result.

In the end we had chance to present our results to the local community in Banja Luka by exhibition and small concert which they were part of other project called “Creative August” which was happening also in Banja Luka during the whole month. Our results from all three workshops were placed in the end for closing this project and of course, everything was amazing. The local people enjoyed in the exhibition where were exposed the drawings from Comics workshop and the videos from Video workshop. Last was Music workshop performance where we show our results and we were very happy that we make the local people to enjoy with our music. They were jumping, dancing and singing together with us.

For me this TC in Banja Luka was an incredible experience that I will never forget it and that gave a lot of new friends who also I will never forget and keep in touch with them. I wish to all participants and the organizers of the TC all the best and good luck in the up coming challenges. Wrriten by Dragan Lazeski