My impressions from SUFYR 2012

When we arrived we were really tired (everybody will be after 12 hours travelling by bus and train) and although was really hot we went on a short city tour because we were eager to see what has Subotica to offer and it was a lot. I was amazed by the unique Hungarian architecture, the beautiful buildings like the City Hall, the churches, the Blue Fountain, genuine and hospitable people also. I especially loved the day that we spent in Palic(8 km from Subotica). We visited the Zoo there that has more than 60 animal species, from domestic to exotic, the nature surrounding us there was so beautiful, everything delighted me there and totally exceeded my expectations. After the Zoo as we were walking in the park near the Palic Lake we decided to go for a ride on the lake with something on power (I don’t have a clue what is the name of it). As we were far from the coаst plus the sunset the views were totally breathtaking and I felt as I was in heaven. Palic has definitely something special and unique, something that enriched my spirit and body just by standing in the middle of the path, watching around me and breathing the air and I had a smile on the whole way back to Subotica. Palic totally blew me away.

We ended the day in our favorite club there, as almost all the nights before and after, where we were bounding on a more personal level by talking, joking, laughing, drinking, dancing and having a lot of fun. We were lucky enough to catch up a local festival of traditional music (with troubadours) with stands of traditional food, drinks, souvenirs etc. One night we were playing different kinds of games on X-box and the way that I was playing was hilarious. I was moving my whole body, kicking with my legs, almost flying with my arms even I was laughing at myself but I was totally enjoying those moments. The intercultural night was also great and the Macedonian group (we were such an amazing and crazy group) represented our country really well. We brought ajvar, jam, smoki, Gazoza, beers Skopsko, wines T’ga za Jug and of course we weren’t be true Macedonians if we didn’t brought Rakija.

Trough the days I really liked the games that we were playing, the role plays, the presentations from the local people that were connected to the topic of HR and working on that field, especially the local action that we organized that was held in the center of the city where we were doing Flash Mob, all of us had one letter on the back and the message was RESPECT HUMAN RIGHTS(I will never forget the faces of the people that were the ‘victims’), then we were giving free hugs and giving them papers with HR written on them and we were very satisfied with the outcome and we definitely made an impact on the local people.

Those 6 days passed so fast, now I feel like I just blinked and it was over and time only passes so fast when you were really enjoying your time without even having time to think what was happening in Skopje and I only regret that we didn’t have more days because there were so many things that we could have done, seen, to learn even more about HR, about ourselves, about the other participants. It was definitely an amazing experience and I’m so glad and happy that I was part of it. See you again Palic and Subotica. Written by Nade Zevairovska, Macedonian participant