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Workshops with the kids: New volunteers on the horizon

Yes, it was challenging for us also to re-engage in the “live” actions and meet our dear friends – the students after the two-year “lockdown”. To go out in front of children who are at the most sensitive age (13 and 14 years old) to introduce them to volunteering, why it is important for them to be active, to introduce them to the “Erasmus +” program and the opportunities that Volunteers Centre Skopje offers for young people and to inform them that very soon there will be a Youth Center in the municipality where they will be able to express their ideas and opinions. In the end, we were all very happy: us, the students and the teaching staff, of course, the representatives of the Municipality of Kisela Voda, who were the initiators of this wonderful spring action.

During the past week (3 April – 8 April) all our volunteers from different countries (France, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Finland, Turkey…) went to 8 Primary schools in the Municipality of Kisela Voda (PS “Nevena Georgieva – Dunja”, PS “Kuzman Josifovski – Pitu”, PS “Kuzman Shapkarev”, PS “Krume Kepeski”, PS “Rajko Zinzifov”, PS “St. Kliment Ohridski” and PS “Partenie Zografski”) where VCS is located. They were giving a workshops with the students in which they were presented their countries, habits, and culture, but also through games they attracted the team spirit among the kids.

“The first impact was very good and exceeded the expectation, in the English level that was amazing, and as we went doing went the workshops, we could know what works better with the kids and where we could improve in the next workshops”, our volunteers said.

The workshops last about one hour, but sometimes it looks too short since the energy between students and volunteers was so high. That’s why wasn’t surprised that kids were asking the teachers if it’s possible to stay a little bit more.

We promised that we will repeat all of this very soon. Until then, all of them and us, all of you had a task to do something nice for the community and to make this place better for living. See you!

José Rodrigues