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Welcome Youen, our new volunteer from France!

Demat! I’m Youen, new French volunteer from Brittany, a region in the western part of France with a strong and living culture. I grew up there with a strong interest for languages, culture and minorities, that’s why I came here right after my studies to discover the world, to go along with VCS during 9 months.

I’m here to help VCS with different tasks, mostly with the Voices magazine redaction. I really like writing as a way to go deeper into different topics, and I’m happy to share as much as I can through this opportunity.

Previously, I was a student in political sciences. I finished my Master’s degree in academic research last year and I wanted to take a break by living abroad and volunteering before decide of what will be the next step. I’m really interested in history, geography, video games, and culture more generally, but I’m curious and open to anything that I could learn. Skopje sounds to me like a really good start to make a lot of discoveries and to be taken by surprise!

Youen Le Bris