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Yiğit, Türkiye

Welcome Yiğit from Turkey!

Hi, my name is Ahmet Yiğit Bircan. I am from Türkiye and I live in Ankara. I am 20 years old. I study Political Science and International Relations in TOBB ETU. This semester is internship time for me so I thought it would be great to explore different countries/cities except for my hometown. Then I came to Macedonia for an ESC program. This is my first time being abroad so it can be a great learning progress for me.

I like talking and researching about sports, history, cultures and languages. I think people from different backgrounds could be great for these conversations. It can also be very impressive to see historical monuments and sites in different parts of the city. At the same time, there is the excitement of sharing the same environment with people from other cultures. I may also come across different tips on cleaning, cooking or entertainment. Of course, teamwork is also a part of this adventure.

I haven’t fully decided what I want to do in the future, but I hope this adventure can give me some ideas. Maybe the people around me can help me learn about the future.

Ahmet Yiğit Bircan

Yiğit will spend 2 months in VCS in the frames of European Solidarity Corps project.

Sending organization: EU Activities Center