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Zeynep, Türkiye

Welcome Zeynep from Turkey!

Hello, my name is Menşure Zeynep. I am from Turkey and live in Ankara. I am  24. I study at TOBB University and the economy department. My university has 3 terms every year. We have to do an internship 3 times during our school life. This term is my internship time. While I was choosing preferences, I met ESC programs. I have always wanted to go abroad, this program gives me this opportunity.

When I was in high school I wanted to be a doctor and I studied dentistry for 3 years. Everything looked normal but I was unhappy and I started to discover myself. I learned what my skills are. Then I chose economics and now I can say that I am happy. Everything that I have done in my life is enjoyable. I am a talkative and friendly person. I like meeting new people and VCS creates a social world for young people. You can develop English and social skills with VCS. Before business life every young person should gain such experience.

I am not a professional in any sports or musical instrument. However, I can do anything on a basic level. I am especially good at driving a car and playing volleyball. I like dancing. I have never tried but I would like to try extreme sports. I like adrenaline.

Menşure Zeynep Koçak

Zeynep will spend 2 months in VCS in the frames of European Solidarity Corps project.

Sending organization: EU Activities Center