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Ömer, Türkiye

Welcome Ömer from Turkey!

My name is Ömer, I am 22 years old. I live in Ankara, Turkey. I am a 3rd year college student. My department is Political Science and International Relations in TOBB Economy and Technology University. I have a great enthusiasm for getting to know different cultures, and this interest is the basis of my desire to participate in the ESC program.

My purpose in joining VCS is to contribute to the development of young people like me by revealing their talents and providing them with the necessary opportunities. By interacting with different cultures, I want to improve my intercultural communication skills and gain knowledge and experience in this field. I’m excited to see how close people can get by exploring the richness of other cultures, and how deep such collaborations can be.

Also, music is an important part of my life. I play guitar and have a deep connection with music. With this talent and passion, I want to explore different cultural rhythms and connect with people through the universal language of music.

I believe that the ESC program will make a great contribution to me in achieving my dream career. In the future, I aim to help others make their intercultural experiences as meaningful and enriching as my own. I am confident that VCS will give me the opportunity to take an important step on this path.

Through this experience, I aim to share what I have learned with other young people so that they can also benefit from such opportunities.

Ömer Çakmak

Ömer will spend 2 months in VCS in the frames of European Solidarity Corps project.

Sending organization: EU Activities Center