You are currently viewing Welcome Triine, the new EVS volunteer from Estonia!

Welcome Triine, the new EVS volunteer from Estonia!


So, some facts about me – my name is Triine and I’m coming from Estonia. I am 22 years old and came here to volunteer, I arrived in Macedonia 5 days ago.

I didn’t exactly choose Macedonia, I’d rather say Macedonia chose me. I graduated my psychology Bachelor’s and felt like I would like to gain some experience before continuing my studies, since I wasn’t exactly sure what I would like to specialize in. I was offered a project called ”Roma Children Need Care Too” and since I love working with children and youth, I decided why not? And so far, I’m very happy with my decision!

In my free time, I also love travelling, hiking and just spending time in the nature. I know Macedonians are famous for their partying life-style, but luckily, they also have beautiful mountains around here, so I guess I’ll have to find the golden balance between these two. Since I didn’t know much about Macedonia before, I’m excited to see what it has to offer. Can’t wait to experience everything already!

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