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VOICES November

Maybe it looks like it is November, usual one, every year the same month in same time. No, this is not one more November in people life. It is November for first time, the leaves on the ground are for first time, child hands are on mum shoulder for first time, every day is new. There are lot youth adventures, life experiences, changing life moments in the Coolture – New trends, new stories, “Photo-I”. First times are so unique and never ever can be repeated, maybe sounds cliché but the “TC Empower vulnerable youth: theater, creative writing and emotions in focus” will give you one new approach how do the first times are still undescribed. Earth is our home for first time as well, and we have to take care of our memories, places and emotions that we have for first time. That is why we have to take for our planet Earth “It is not plastic bags fault that humans can’t recycle” and for it clean ground, we are borrowing it from our next generation, as Chief Seattle has said. Being a refugee always will be first time with the biggest desire to be the last one because we have “A new perspective on refugee”.

Stay calm and read VOICES November edition for first (but not last) time!